Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All things pregnant!

I went to my first real pre-natal visit yesterday. I say that because although I have been to the hospital and doctor's office twice now, those were for emergencies, this one was scheduled and did all the technical stuff. It went really well. I have lucked out with not having any really bad symptoms, except I am extremely tired a lot of the time. All of my vitals checked out wonderfully, the babies heartbeat is 157bpm which is perfect. I am no longer a difficult case. I can go on and have a normal pregnancy. That was music to my ears. I am almost through my first trimester so I hope this next one brings great things. I have made a few friends out here that are wives/girlfriends of my husbands friends and they are also pregnant so I have a wonderful support group. Its a different life being pregnant, in the military and so far away from home. I have a wonderful husband though, he is taking care of me any way he can. Just love him to pieces.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My worst nightmare came true.

While I was away for work over the weekend, nothing good was happening. I realized that I really don't want to work on the train, and I missed my husband immensely. Well I guess what they say is true. We should always listen to our gut. I didn't feel right all day saturday and then sunday morning I got a phone call from Jon saying Richard was in a car accident.

He was T-boned and then hit a light post.

All the tires exploded, air bags deployed, back window was shattered and back lights blown out.

His driver side door was pushed in so far that they couldn't get him out, so they had to rip it off.

Looking at the truck, and all that happened to it, we both think Richard should not have survived or at least been in a bad state, but someone was watching out for him that night. The only injuries he had were a bloody nose, and bruises from the seat belts. We are so grateful for this second chance. Richard is still a little shocked and seeing the truck after the fact made him relive it but he is doing okay. I thank Heavenly Father every day that he is still with us.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I think the Lord is trying to tell us to be prepared.......

So July 2, 2007 I met Richard, 5 months later we got married, and moved into a new apartment. 4 months after that we found out we were pregnant and the very next day moved into another apartment, and then my brother moved in with us. Just two days ago we found out that Richard is getting out of the army earlier than expected which means in 4 months we will be moving again this time to the lower 48. That puts us in august/september and then 4 months from then our little bundle of joy is due. Do you see a pattern? I was talking to my mom the other day on the phone and her being wise says "I think this is the Lords way of teaching us to be flexible and able to change, so if anything comes along, we can handle it." I don't for one second think things happen just because, there is a plan and man I hope we pass the test. It definitely keeps us on our toes and life is never dull. I am grateful for the lessons we are given in life whether great or small.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And then there were three.............

Yep, we are pregnant!!! I know I have told a lot of you already but it's actually real now. We went to the doctor this morning as a follow up of some complications we had two weeks ago and everything checked out wonderfully. We are 8 weeks and 1 day along. The baby's heart beat was perfect and he/she is moving along just great. It is such a different feeling to actually hear and see your baby for the first time. Something that I will never forget.
As for everything else in our lives we are doing well. Richard is working hard and I on the other hand am not working. I did get the okay today so I plan on looking for something to keep me busy. My youngest brother Jonathon moved in with us on the 26th, it's been great thus far. Him and Richard have gotten along very smoothly, that makes me very happy. We are loving our new apartment and all that comes with it. Overall life is wonderful.