Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Okay so this just happened as I was posting....

Jackson was taking a nap while I was doing some things on the computer, blogging included. He started out in the the first pictures position and within 5 minutes he rolled over to his side and settled into the second pictures position. I just thought it was too adorable. I had to share.

6 weeks old!!

I can't believe Jackson will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. He is just growing up to be a handsome little man, although he is actually still a baby. :) He is such a good baby. He has just started sleeping through the night for about 6 hours. He doesn't really fuss unless he is hungry and he especially doesn't like to have a poopy diaper on longer than 5 minutes. He lets us know as soon as he is done that it is time to change it.He is still rolling over and is starting to like his play mat. He is very aware and interested of everything around him. He will move his body and his head so he can see who is holding him, and then he'll just stare at you. He has just started smiling and cooing. Those moments when he is totally content and so happy just melt my heart and make it all worth while. He is just so darn cute. I couldn't be more blessed.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dalton Look-alike Meter

So we did the look alike meter and I think it is mistaken. Jackson totally looks like Richard. Maybe I didn't use the right photos. Oh well!! It was fun anyway.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some pictures.

This is about all I can upload right now. Jackson is getting so big already. He is so alert and awake almost all day and is sleeping about 4-5 hours a night. He is such a good baby. Doesn't fuss except when he is hungry and we are taking too long to make his bottle. :) He got to meet some of his relatives on his daddy's side last wednesday. He has a cousin that is 3 months older than him. They were really cute together. She couldn't stop eating his hand and he didn't mind one bit. I was thrilled to finally meet Richards family as well. It was a wonderful visit and I can't wait to see them again. As soon as we get the internet I will post more pictures.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A little update.....

Sorry no pictures to post, we don't have the internet yet so I am doing my typing at the local library while Grandma takes care of little Jackson...

So Dec. 30th we set out on a 6 hour flight to Chicago with approximately 30 minutes to then get to our next flight which then took us to Columbia, South Carolina. Jackson was an angel the whole time. He slept except to feed. He didn't fuss once. It could be because he is so little or I was just blessed. Either way I am grateful. We got into Columbia at 930 at night with no idea where we were staying. Ooops, I forgot to book a hotel! Luckily we found one right down the street from our new apartment. On Dec. 31, we signed the lease and moved in. And by moved in I mean't carried our luggage in. (our household goods won't be in town until Feb. 2) We are currently sleeping on the floor and eating pb&j sandwiches. Bless the army for shipping everything for us, but I just wish it was faster. Everyday since moving in has been filled with lots and lots of sleep, occasional eating, a few walks, a couple bus rides downtown, 2 trips to the library, filling our applications and tons and tons of phone calls. Moving to South Carolina was the right thing to do but it is also a big struggle. I pray and pray every day that Richard will find a sufficient job. Luckily my brothers are just wonderful and have lent us some money to hold us over for a little while but it is scary to not know where the next installment will come from. Richard is doing a great job looking for employment and I know with faith and positive thinking his shining moment will come.
On another note, we went to church yesterday and I have already come to the conclusion that our ward is going to be wonderful. Our bishop is a military man ( i am a sucker for the military), our sunday school teacher was a riot, full of knowledge and our relief society is huge. All the ladies were so welcoming and full of helpful ideas. I am excited to see what's in store for the future and our time with this ward.
I am truly blessed to have a roof over my head and a healthy baby. I have enough to eat and a wonderful husband who is diligent in wanting to take care of his family. I have the most amazing mother anyone could ask for. She has been such a help and comfort these past few weeks. I am so thankful for all that I do have. I have wonderful friends that are so unconditional and are willing to jump whenever we need them. I am thankful for everyones kind words and comments. It is nice to know we are not alone.