Monday, July 26, 2010

Wow time flies

Finally I can sit down and post. I have a lot to catch up on so bear with me. On April 30th we dropped Richard off at the airport to head out to Alaska to work for the summer again. This year was a lot harder than last. I hate that you can't go to the gate with them. He is doing great out there. They changed the way they work things up there and I feel like it has benefited us more than last. I am pleased with the changes. Richard is a wonderful father and husband, we are blessed to have him care so much. We really look forward to when he comes home.
Thats my little ham. He is such a silly boy.
As for Jackson, he is growing up so quick. We unfortunately had to cancel his 15 month appointment due to no insurance but we measure him at home and he hasn't really gained any weight since his 12 month appt. Thank goodness. He is growing taller though. He is such a happy little man. He loves his family especially his grandma. They are together all the time and it warms my heart for him to know her like that. He is a very lucky little boy. This is Jackson as of today:
-he can walk/run (finally happened in May)
-he can point to his nose, ears, eyes, tummy, toes, feet, hands, hair, tongue and mouth.
-he can say ball, car, baby, momma, dadda, gamma, kirk, jus, bruce, brush, cracker, bye bye, garbage, drink, ice, nice, bathroom, book, bottle, bite and Jesus.
-he loves to play outside and gets mad at us when we come in
-he has bumps in the places that will be his 2 year old molars
-he loves books, we could read to him all day
-he is currently in love with rolling his hands and turning around in circles
-he loves to dance
-he sleeps about 9 hours a night with one 2-3 hour nap during the day
-he laughs a lot
-he likes to help clean
-he tries to brush his teeth
-he loves his bath time
-he drew on the wall for the first time on June 18th.
-he loves taking the garbage out
-he mimics everything we do
-he still doesn't watch tv which is fine with me.
I could go on and on, he is such a little spitfire. He is always moving and learning new things. He is definitely a wonder first child and we are so blessed to be given this opportunity to be his parents. We love him very much.

He wasn't mad in this picture, he is really into facial expressions lately. Just another side of silly.

And then May 8th happened. I had been craving chocolate (i don't like chocolate) for about 5 days so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Sure enough it came back positive. I was scared and nervous. I had so many emotions going on at the same time. I called Richard to tell him and he made it all better. He was so excited that it wore off on me and I knew it would all be okay. This is our first ultrasound at 10 weeks.

Just last wednesday I went to a new doctor and he wanted to do another ultrasound to make sure and they moved my due date up by a week and were able to tell what we were having. A GIRL!!!! I am super excited. I've always wanted a boy first then a girl. Perfect little family. I have a screening ultrasound in 3 weeks which will reassure if we really are having a girl. It was pretty obvious though, so I have no doubt.

This is all new to me, I feel like I am pregnant for the first time again. I am working full time and caring for another child, my life is so different. Plus with her being a girl, I have to go shopping. :)

Overall we are doing great. Jackson and I hang out with grandma and the uncles a lot (they live with us). We planted a garden this summer, and are just having a good time. We can't wait for daddy to get home so he can be included in our everyday as well.