Monday, September 30, 2013

My sweet Madison

I chose this photo for many different reasons. It portrays my sweet daughter to a tee. At this moment she had been sitting with me for about 10 seconds. This was taken after I delivered the twins. My mom brought Madison and Jackson to come see me and when they walked in I had an oxygen mask on and it freaked Madison out. She cried for quite a while and wouldn't come near me. After what seemed like an eternity she finally sat with me but needed her bear "Belle" to sit with her. The face she is making is her whimper getting over crying face. I am sharing my jello which made it a  little better. 

So from this picture I see Madison in all her wonderfulness. She is such a little mommy to her babies (stuffed animals).
She loves me.
She is definitely a mommy's girl.
She loves food.
She is very concerned if I am ever upset or cranky or hurt.
She is my little firecracker. She has a huge personality.
She is only 2 almost 3 so she has a real hard time sharing.
She isn't talking the best so she gets frustrated because we don't always understand her.
She loves Minnie Mouse to the extent of an obsession.
She loves her family.
She will do anything I do.
She is very girly (loves her toes painted, shoes, makeup, dresses)
She is also athletic.
She is full of energy
She is not afraid of anything.
She loves being outside and riding her bike.
She adores Jackson and follows him in everything.

We were so excited when we found out we were pregnant with a girl. We figured our lives were complete now that we were going to have one of each. Madison is full of laughter and love. She has made me a better person and is such a sweet girl. She loves to snuggle when it is time for bed and loves for me to rub her head. 

We are so lucky she chose us to be her parents. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jackson Lee Dalton

This is my little/big man. I just love him.
I need to write more good things about my babies
instead of all the whining and complaining.

Jackson is almost 5 years old. I can't believe he made me a mommy
that long ago. 

He is seriously an angel. 
He has such a sweet side of him and is so sensitive.
He loves cars. (that's an understatement)
He loves building things and making new designs with his blocks.
He loves learning. 
He loves playing outside.
He makes friends with everyone.
He loves his "babies" and is such a big helper for me.
He wants to help with everything.
He prefers showers. (baths are for babies)
He LOVES music and is actually very good at it.

Jackson is such a good kid. His personality is so big and he has so much to offer.

I am trying really hard to give him some independence. 
I have seen him grow so much since we have loosened the chains a little.
It makes him feel important and so big.

I ask him at least 10 times a day what he wants to be when he grows up
Some of his responses include
-construction worker like daddy
-truck driver
-football player

He is just a special little boy and I am so lucky he made me his mom!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our summer!

We were lucky enough to keep busy this summer. We played at the pool. We played at the parks. We visited splash pads. We hung out at the mall when the heat was unbearable. We visited the Utah State Fair. We visited Onion Days in Payson. We just had fun.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Blog

I started a new blog. I am going to keep this blog for my personal use like I have been. My new blog is mostly about the twins and how it has changed our lives. I will be including my favorite things and inspirational quotes, recipes and whatever else I feel like putting in. I am excited about this new opportunity. I have been looking for something to keep my mind working and I think this will help. I really don't have any knowledge in any particular topic except being a mommy and wife so a blog about that sounded perfect.

Do I expect a million people to read it? No, not really. It is more of a hobby for me and something for me to have of my own.

The blog address is

Feel free to check it out. I just started so bear with me while it gets established.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Six things I learned on Sunday

I need to try harder at documenting more on the blog, after all I want this to be a cherished gift I can give to my children.

Today is Sunday and just like every Sunday we went to church. Let me just say that Sundays are a walking contradiction in my life. I love them, I love the spirit I feel when I am there and the lessons I learn and the chance that I get to renew my covenants every time I take the sacrament. I don't love however the battle I have with Jackson every Sunday to get dressed, I don't love that I don't have a companion in the gospel to help me get everyone ready in the morning, I don't love the time during sacrament meeting when my kids bug me for food or drinks when they know they can't have snacks until after the bread/water, I don't love how I hardly ever hear the talks because I am constantly having to tell Jackson to sit down and stop crying or stop hitting your sister or telling Madison to not stand on the pews, or to stop screaming, I don't love how sweaty I get because I am carrying 2 carseats every where I go.

Now do the bad weigh out the good? Sometimes I feel as if they do. For instance today I was at my wits end. I thought about walking out and just going home because seriously how much good is it doing if we aren't actually hearing the talks or testimonies. I stuck with it and sacrament was over and I got to go to class. Of course it was wonderful. Katlin Vest is an awesome teacher and I always learn so much from her. The babies were great for Sunday School. Next it was time for Relief Society and I can honestly say that is my favorite time of the day. There is just a different feel in that room with all the sisters that I could stay all day. Vanessa Rucker taught today and it was awesome.

I was feeling pretty good, thinking the day was going to turn out better than it started. I dropped Mom and the 2 older kids off at home so I could pick up Richard from work. We went straight to the church so I could get set apart (finally) for my compassionate service calling. We also talked to Bishop about some financials and we went on our way. Not even 5 seconds after we got home (hadn't even set the babies or my diaper bag down) and I was bombarded with whiny children asking for all sorts of stuff. OMG, I thought, what the heck! (why can't my children ask their father for things) I snapped and said "Let me change my clothes, maybe go to the bathroom and I will be with you in a minute"

That moment on the night was a train wreck. I snapped at the kids over and over and bedtime was a joke. Finally at 10:00 they were all asleep and it was in that moment that I realized what a maniac I am. I had an ah-ha moment and am quite embarrassed with the way I acted all day. So here are my six things I learned today.

1. My kids do not respond to yelling, in fact they go the opposite direction and act out more.
2. In my darkest hour during sacrament when I felt like walking out, the spirit prompted me to go up and bear my testimony not knowing what I was going to say and it actually made it better.
3. My Heavenly Father loves me even when I am making stupid choices.
4. My kids love me even when I am yelling at them.
5. The Lord has given me this calling of Compassionate Service Leader at this time for me to be humbled and stop dwelling on everything I don't have and look at what I do. Someone out there is always worse off than me.
6. Madison is only 2 1/2 and Jackson is only 4 1/2! I treat them like they are so much older and that needs to stop. They are actually really great kids.

Today was an eye opener. I am ashamed of how I acted today. I apologized to my kids and got them to sleep and I pray that tomorrow is better.