Thursday, January 26, 2012

The ever changing Jackson.

This is my sweet little boy who usually wants to help and is so good at helping.
Lately he has turned into this emotional little thing that gets his feelings hurt so easily and cries at the drop of a hat. I am not sure what is going on. For instance today, he put in a Thomas movie and I was skipping the previews to get to the movie and he just pouted up his bottom lip and tears started welling up in his eyes and almost instantly screamed "NO". I didn't understand. I thought he wanted to watch the movie. "why do they put previews on kids movies anyway?" I had to cuddle him for a good 5 minutes and rewind it to the silly previews so he would calm down.
I have never experienced this before so it is new to me on how to handle it. He is mostly a very happy boy, but these moments are so hard. I guess I will just do my best and by the time I figure it out a new stage will come around. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's catch up time!!!

So we finally got a computer. YAY! Let me just sum up the last 6 months. We moved on September 30th to an apartment in Orem. LOVE IT. It is less expensive rent and utility wise. It is all one level so we don't have to worry about the babies and it actually has enough space for us. We are enjoying our time here so far.

October brought mom's birthday and Kirks birthday. November brought Thanksgiving.

December brought all sorts of holidays/celebrations. Our anniversary is on the 8th which fell on a Thursday this year. Richard had class on Thursdays until 9pm so we couldn't go out that day, so we planned for Saturday the 10th. Lo and behold we both got scheduled to work even after requesting it off so we worked. BLAH! The next day after church we went to Chili's. That was our big 4 year anniversary celebration. :(. The 18th is Jackson's birthday. WE had a wonderful breakfast. (I started a tradition of making a big breakfast with heart shaped pancakes for the birthday person) We spent the day playing games, running around, watching movies, building tracks with cars, eating cake, opening presents. We made finger foods so we could just snack and enjoy one another's company. He really had a wonderful time and it was a perfect birthday. Dec 24, Richard and I worked until about 7ish. We made it home to play some games and eat junk. My favorite part was getting Jackson to bed so Santa could come. :) We put out the presents. It was a very good Christmas this year. The next morning Mom and I woke up around 630 to start all the food. Church was a 11 so we had to get stuff done before the kids woke up. Madison woke up at 730 so we woke up Jackson. Oh man was it so fun watching them open presents. Jackson is finally understanding what's going on so he had a blast. Madison loved her baby doll, she would not let go of it. We ate a wonderful breakfast then all got ready to go to church. They only had sacrament which was nice. The rest of the day was spent setting up the kids new toys and playing, eating and sleeping. We were truly blessed this Christmas. Dec 27 was Madison's birthday. We took her to build-a-bear and got her her very own stuffed animal so she would leave Jackson's alone. She loves it. That night we had cake and ice cream. Also loved that. Needless to say December was a fun filled month.

January brought a new year and lots of changes. Richard started class on the 9th. My schedule changed. Jackson is now "free" years old and he is a changed little man. He is such a helper and always loving on Madison. As of the 10th he has been pacifier free and it is such a difference. He talks so much and is such a happy little boy. We carry on conversations about everything. It is so fun to hear him speak and see him grow. Madison is 1 and she is a little spitfire. She is a very determined little girl. She will not stop until she has what she wants. And she knows what she wants, she won't settle. I love it.

We are currently still waiting for Richards school money (about 2500 dollars). Because of this we experienced a very hard thing yesterday. At 6 AM, Madison woke up (she never wakes up this early). I gave her some milk and changed her diaper. As I walked back to my room, I heard a loud vehicle outside so decided to look. A man was shining a flashlight into our car! I woke up Richard in a panic. We stood on the balcony for a bit and realized he was taking the vehicle. My plan was to catch up on the past due balance with the school money, so we pretty much knew we were screwed when the money didn't show. We ran outside to see if we could get our stuff. He let us. We grabbed everything we could think of. I cried for hours. Mom went to work. Richard walked to class and I slept for 2 hours. I woke up around 11 and started making phone calls. It was then I learned that we were not getting the car back. We had to pay it off in order to get it back (we still owed 20,000 dollars) or get refinanced. Neither one of the options would ever happen so we discussed it and realized this was for the better. The Lord knew our stresses and hearts and knew we didn't really want a $552 car payment so he took it away. They are going to auction it off and we will go from there. I called our insurance and cancelled that, we have $43 coming back (blessing). In the long run this will be worth it. We will have to work really hard to get back on our feet and get a different form of transportation but this is what we have been praying for.

I know the Lord loves us and is watchful over our every need and desire. I am grateful for my family and great friends. Because of Chad and Sara Gibbons, I can now update my blog as often as I would like. Thanks for the computer.