Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just my thoughts

So I sit here after Barack Obama has just been re-elected as President and I am sick to my stomach. I now have an even bigger responsibility to teach my children right and how to be self sufficient. I am truly speechless at how ignorant and selfish this country is. Why? Why did they give office to the same man that has put us in the spot we are now? Why are people blind to the whole picture and truth? Do we really think he is going to save us and give you everything for free? Do you really feel Obamacare is the right way to go? Come on. I am not as educated as I should be on some of the issues but I know evil when I see it and Obama is not the right person. Or maybe he is because all the proficies in the scriptures need to come to. I have never felt the end is near like I do right now and it scares me. I want so much more for my children. I want to have a full life with them and see them grow up and see the world for it's beauty, the way God made it to be. I just pray that the righteous will be taken care of and that we will succeed. I feel I am rambling on which I probably am because I have so many things running through my head right now. I want to be a better example for my children and my husband. I want to be a better servant for the lord. I never want to be afraid to share the gospel or stand for what I believe. I definitely have some changes to make. I am not perfect but I want to strive to be more perfect even as our Heavenly Father is. My kids and family deserve that.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My husband!!!

Richard is so great. I have been unemployed for a little over 2 months now and I owe it all to him. He is going to school full time and working about 20 hours a week, all so I can stay home. I will be completely honest and say I have been waiting for this day. It took a little while to get to this place. Richard didn't always understand why I wanted to stay home. He comes from a mother that worked almost his whole life so the stay-at-home mom things was foreign. Well I think he finally understands and it actually has eased his burden more too. Just today he registered for winter classes and realized he can go whenever and doesn't have to work around my schedule. He has more time with the kids because he doesn't have to worry about watching them like he was before. He has more time for homework and can focus on class more. He hasn't missed one class yet. I am so proud of him. He didn't really have any male figure to look up to in his life and he is setting such a good example to his children. He is definitely breaking the mold of the Dalton name. He has already finished 2 years of college and even he says he is proud of himself. I am so happy that he is happy. He is enjoying school even though it is rough for him sometimes. He tries his best and doesn't give up. He is a good father. I know if it was 6 years ago, he would never think he would be married to a mormon with almost 4 kids but I know he loves his life and wouldn't change it for the world. I love that he plays with the kids. I love the relationship they have. He is the fun, calm parent. They just look up to him. I am proud of him. He has grown up into a man just in the last year. I see this change in him that just makes me fall in love with him more and more. I look forward to many more years.


What can I say about my little bug? He is just wonderful. Of course we have our moments but for the most part he is a sensitive, tender little man. He currently weighs 50 lbs and is 42 inches tall. He is my linebacker (wishful thinking). -he can count to 10 -he can recognize groups of 1,2 or 3 items -he knows all of his shapes and colors -HE LOVES TO SING -he loves cars (he's up to about 200 now) -he is a big helper -he loves transformers, avengers, ironman, hulk, batman (pretty much all superheroes) -he loves Bob the Builder -he loves building things with his legos -he loves setting up his train track and playing with Thomas -he has been potty trained since about may (thank goodness) -he doesn't take naps anymore -he loves being outside (and actually runs away from us when it's time to go) -he can do a sommersault -he can say his ABC's -he can recognize the letters J, K, O, G and A -he can draw the letter J -he loves to take pictures -he loves primary (he'll probably cry next year when he has different teachers) -he tries so hard to play with the older kids -he can ride a bike (with training wheels) -he loves the pool -he speaks in complete sentences Jackson is growing everyday and I love hearing him talk. He is so clear and I can understand everything he says. He is very curious and asks me a million questions everyday about where things come from or how things are made. It is fun for me because I really have to answer him correctly. He is so excited about the new babies. We come from a ward that has on average 4 baby blessings a month so needless to say we have a ton of babies. He looks around during sacrament meeting and counts them and says "mommy, another baby" He keeps asking when the babies in my tummy will be here. I know he will be a great big brother as he already is.


So last month we took her to the doctor for her well baby check up. She is 34 inches tall (90th percentile) and 28 lbs. (80th percentile). She has grown a ton and is very tall. She is my little lady bug. I just love her and her personality. -she can point to her nose, eyes, ears, hair, belly, hands, mouth, feet, hands and toes. -she can build a castle/tower with the legos -she loves loves her stuffed animals (monkey, NALA, baby doll, bunny, teddy bear) -she loves all food and gets excited when we make her a plate -she can say baby, lala, byebye, door dada, momma, ball, eye, choo choo, no, doggy, bird, this shoes, buzz, jackson, book, pooh, bear, duck, blue, water, bottle, banana, ironman, man, nose, elmo, night night, cheese, whoa, tunnel, uh-oh, bed, bus and bath. (although I feel like she is doing great, the doctor wants her to know 100+ words by the time she is 2 or he is going to send her to a speech therapist) -she loves her sleep -she loves to dance -she absolutely adores her brother -she has a little bit of an attitude -she loves books -she is a pro at going to nursery (doesn't even say bye to me when she walks in) -she loves shoes and has to have them on at all times -she loves doggies -she can climb all the ladders at the playground (scares me to death sometimes) -she may be a tv junkie :) -she loves to jump, and turn, and fall down -she tries so hard to do everything Jackson does. Madison is just a little ball of energy. I love it. She is always moving (even when she is eating). She is definitely going to be a heartbreaker. She already gives us looks of innocence that we just can't say no to. She is so pretty and has a tender sweet side that comes out every once in while and I love it. I look forward to her growth in the future.

Happy Halloween!

This year we went to the ward trunk or treating. It was fun for the kids to get to wear their costumes. WE did a theme with them, Jackson went as Bumble B Transformer and Madison went as a bumblebee. They loved their costumes, in fact this was the 3rd time they wore them. LOL The party also was a chili cookoff and then they had some activities for the kids. It wound them up then wore them out really fast. They went to sleep really well that night.

Future photographer!

Jackson and I were playing outside one day while Madison was napping and he asked if he could take pictures. So I gave him the camera and let him have free reign. He was so happy. He ended up taking over 100 pictures. Here are a just a few.


We went on a spur of the moment picnic up the Provo Canyon. Unfortunately Richard was working so he couldn't come but Kirk came and it was so much fun especially for the kids. We just pulled off at a park and found this cozy little spot right next to the water. We had subs and lots of junk. The kids dug in the dirt and threw enough rocks to build a dam in the water. They had a blast, at one point Madison thought it a good idea to try to go in the water. Thanks to Kirks quick reflexes he got her before she floated away. It was a wonderful relaxing couple of hours.