Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jackson's first hair cut

Okay so I am retarded and posted the pictures in the wrong order. Just start from the bottom up. A friend of ours is a stylist and we decided it was boys day at the salon. Jackson went first sitting in daddys lap. He was such a good boy. Was calm and just watching all the pretty girls in the salon. Until mommy decided to hold his face still with both hands and he just started crying. Luckily it was the very end. He was such a trooper. His cut turned out so adorable but it made him age. He really looks like a toddler now. All of his curls are gone. But he is still handsome.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Long time!!

Yes I know, its been almost two months since my last post. Our lives are kind of uneventful so I don't ever think to blog..

I have tried to take control of my life and my family. We were kind of floating from day to day there for a while. We are getting better at setting a routine and having more family time. Richard is getting more and more involved with Jackson. (men just don't have the intuition like us women do) They have so much fun together and Jackson is looking more and more like him every day.

Our days consist of waking up between 8 or 9. Eating breakfast (one thing we are trying to do as a family), play with toys, laundry, chores of some sort, errands, one or both of us going to work at all hours of the day, taking naps with jackson, tv, computer time, chasing after jackson in whatever he is up to, dinner (if we are home), bath time, relaxation and bed around 10 or 11. We have tried to reconnect with some friends to have some sort of a social life but it is hard when they don't have children. So we are content with our own little family and our own little world. Jackson however needs some interaction, he is kind of shy around other kids, 3 more months and he will be able to go to nursery, maybe that will help.

Work has its ups and downs. Anyone that has worked at The Olive Garden, can relate. I am trying to get into management, there is a leadership program I have to complete and that isn't even a quarantee. So until then, I just keep busting my butt and doing whatever I have to, to make sure I do get a spot. Richard only has 2 months left and he will be leaving in April for Alaska. I am sad but I know it is the right thing for us. This will be his last and final year. He is waivering between going back to the military or not. Pray for him that his mind will be at ease and he can make a decision.

As for Jackson, he is just a happy toddler. He brings happiness to our family like we have never known before. He is going in for his 15th month check up on the 22nd, I hope its all good.