Monday, December 9, 2013

6 Years!

6 years ago on December 8 during a blizzard in Alaska, we decided it be a good idea to drive almost 3 hours to our wonderful friends house and get married. We are crazy like that. We were driving a not so reliable car with horrible lights and no traction on the tires. I could barely see and was driving about 30 miles an hour up and down mountains and around bends but I wouldn't change it for anything. I had my mom there as well as two of my closest friends in Alaska. Denise and Neal Higginson were so sweet to let us use their house. They had it all set up for christmas and it was beautiful. Denise made a wonderful spread and even got us a cake and me a bouquet. I cried just walking in the door. She really went above and beyond to make it special. We will be forever grateful. 

After 6 years, we sure have changed. ( I mean look at my hair and Richard's beard) LOL
 I love this man more than I did on that special day. 
We have grown in many ways and he is definitely my counterpart. He is calm and collected and likes to think things through before making decisions. 
He doesn't stress over little things.
He is accommodating.
He loves my cooking.
He knows how to make me smile.
He can always get me to laugh.
He loves his children and they love him.
He prefers breakfast over any other meal.
He can eat my mashed potatoes at every meal.
He can grow a mean beard.
He is smarter than he thinks.
He is a good driver (even though he doesn't have a license)
He loves to take off his socks and just drop them wherever they land.
He doesn't cook.
He is pretty handy.
His favorite holiday is Halloween. Mine is Christmas!
He is all man. 

I just love him to pieces.

Here we are celebrating said anniversary with a little Thor and Olive Garden afterwards. This was a special date. It was the first date we had since the twins were born 11 months ago. Never will we let that much time in between dates happen again. 

Here's to 100 more anniversaries!!