Friday, May 11, 2012

Kids say the darndest things!

Lately Jackson has been saying funny things and I wanted to just jot them down so I don't forget. Him and Uncle Kirky were watching a movie the other day and I sat on the couch to join them and he looks up at me and said "mommy, i don't want you on the couch, i need you in the kitchen" I said "what?", and he says "go to the kitchen" i couldn't stop laughing, but I left anyway. We play this funny game with Jackson just to get him to laugh. We ask him who he is, by saying "are you a monkey?" NO, "are you an elephant?" NO, "are you a ball?" NO, "are you a girl?" NO. During this game my mom said, "oh, you're a horse," and Jackson replies, "NO, you're a cow!" He had no idea what he was saying and of course my mom didn't take offense to it, but it made us laugh for like 5 minutes. One of my favorite things he says every time one of us gets home from work is when he follows us into our room so we can change clothes and he sits up on the bed and says "tell me about your day." It is just the cutest thing. He loves Thomas and Friends, and has a train set with a ton of trains. He is constantly playing with them and it is so cute to hear him say "thomas has to take on some coal", or "Spencer is going to the branch line". Lately he's been running around the house singing, "trasfomers, than meets the eye" and "bots roll out". Daddy and Jackson have been watching the Transformers cartoon on Netflix and he is fascinated by them. He is just learning and growing so much, it makes me sad but anxious to see where his life takes him.