Saturday, January 16, 2010


So we have decided to send Richard to Alaska for one more summer. Things have not moved as quickly as we planned and we need this money that he will make. I know what you all are thinking, I must be crazy but the Olive Garden isn't cutting it, we need something better. So for one more summer Richard is gonna go up to AK and work on the train. It will help us get ahead and hopefully by the time he gets back there will be some advancement for me at the OG and we won't have to worry about money so much. I am hoping for a managment position at the OG by next christmas. If it is the right thing for us, then the Lord will make it happen. As for now, I will be husbandless and lonely just like last year. You do what you got to do.

12 month stats!

Yeah its a little late but we did go to the doctor on Dec 22. Jackson weighed in at 25.7 lbs (88th percentile) and is 31 inches long (59th percentile). He's a little short for his weight but they weren't worried. He has dry skin but not dry enough to call it ezcema. It comes and goes with this Utah weather. He is right up to speed in all the milestones. He just isn't walking yet but he will be soon. He has his 8 front teeth with 3 molars coming in. He is very independent (like his mommy)

Some things Jackson can do:

He jabbers to anyone that will listen.
He can wave bye-bye
He can unzip just about anything
He can put his blocks away.
He feeds himself (been doing that for about 5 months now)
He can drink through a straw
He doesn't use his bottle anymore
He can say momma and dadda and YUM
He knows how to turn the channel on the cable box. LOL
He loves to dance
He climbs up and down the stairs all day long
Oh and he loves the toilet.

He really is a joy to our family and it is so fun just watching him learn and grow everyday.