Monday, December 17, 2012

Made it to 35 weeks!

Today marks my 35th week. I am super excited that it is getting closer as well as the babies are staying put so they will come out as healthy and developed as they need to be. However, I am miserable. I definitely feel this pregnancy has been one of my life tests. I had such easy pregnancies with Jackson and Madison that it took me having twins to know what it felt like to be other women. I am huge and uncomfortable. My belly is very large, I have pain in my butt, back and legs. My upper torso has a constant burning feeling. I have heartburn almost every other night. I haven't been able to breathe out of my nose for about 4 months. I have had to sleep on my side since about 15 weeks, ( i am a stomach sleeper). I use a body pillow plus a regular pillow and still am not comfortable. I pee every 45 minutes. I've gained 30 pounds. It takes me about an hour to be able to walk after waking up in the morning. I have hemorrhoids and constipation sometimes. I am so freaking hot, my poor family has to bundle up because I keep it at 65 in here. My poor children are suffering because I can't sit on the floor to play with them. I can barely put on my own shoes. Forget dressing properly, it takes all I have to put on pants and that is while I am sitting down. LOL On the plus side, my nails and hair are looking good. I have two beautiful babies growing in my belly and it is such a joy to feel them move and see them move. They have been face to face for about a month now so clearly they already love each other.

I am hoping to make it a few more weeks just to be in the clear. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to be a mother to twins. I look forward to many years to come of chaos and excitement.