Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dalton Family Update

First and foremost here is my first pregnancy picture. This is just for you Mom, I am huge!! We had just come home from a wedding and I looked in the mirror and thought, I should take a picture. I am officially 29 weeks in this picture. I can only imagine what I am going to look like at 39 weeks. AHHHH!!! Sorry my head got cut off, this was the best shot of the bunch.

Next I have apparently started the nesting phase. That is what everyone says anyway. My job just ended last tuesday so now I can focus on getting the house ready. This also includes making our house a home finally. I took this do-it-yourself craft idea from Emily Norton's The Little Window Shoppe website and decided to put it to a test in my own house. It is a start. It was very easy and very cost effective. It is only the beginning of the decorating I want to see happen in my living room. But at least now I have a focal point. Thank you Emily.

This is another project I did. I love flowers and have always believed they really add beauty and a warm feeling in your home. Since fall is upon us these are some of my favorite colors, I decided to arrange some flowers. I bought these all at Michaels for very cheap and arranged them myself. They sit on my dining room table.

As for other events in our life. Richard is still working hard in the Army. They are preparing for deployment in the next coming months so they are busy all day every day. I love witnessing his dedication and responsibility to the military. He tries real hard at everything he does. He is a great husband and is so excited to be a daddy. He is going to be a wonderful father. I on the other hand am just being a wife and homemaker. I love both of those responsibilities and am so ready to add mother to the list. We basically fill our days with work, preparing for Jackson, playing some occasional rock band 2, going to the movies, entertaining friends and sports. :) Maybe that seems boring to others but it's our life and we love it. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yay for surprises!! On wednesday some friends of mine threw me a surprise baby shower. I was under the impression I was meeting two friends for dinner that I haven't seen in a few weeks, so when I showed up at the restaurant and saw 8 friends I got really excited and of course started crying. Fallon, Jenn, Jen, Kara, Anika, Alex, Tammie Jo and Katie made my night. They had the table decorated and even had a tiara for me to wear (of course it was blue though). Richard had known all along and kept it a secret for weeks. I was so proud of him. We had great food, and desserts and they had a table full of gifts for us. I was certainly surprised and extremely grateful. God bless my wonderful friends.

This is a diaper cake made by my friend Aly. Very cute and creative. It was loaded with diapers, socks, onsies, bibs and hats.

This car seat wasn't actually part of the shower, we just bought this today. I wanted to be prepared.

Just some of the clothes we received. I am so excited to dress Jackson up in these outfits.

This is everything we received. From pacifiers to a diaper genie to monitors and a bunch of clothes. They sure helped us out a lot.