Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just some happenings

The Dalton household is busy. Not always a productive busy but we try. Daddy came home on September 22nd. It sure is a blessing to have him back. He came back just in time to help mommy during the last trimester of her pregnancy. It only took Jackson about an hour to warm up to him and they have a good relationship that is growing more and more everyday.

We left and went on vacation for about 10 days. It was awesome to not have to worry about work for a week and just be lazy. Something I haven't done in a long time. Jackson had fun with his second cousin William. It was fun for him to have someone other than mommy, daddy or grandma to play with. I will post pictures and more story later.

We started back at work on monday. Richard came back to the Olive Garden. It only made sense to come back to a flexible job for when he starts school in January. Most of our days consist of working, playing with jackson and trying to get things sorted out for school, insurance and the new baby to get here.

Speaking of new baby, we have decided to name her Madison Susan. We loved the name Madison and Susan is Richards late moms name. We feel really good about this, and can't wait for her to join us. I have hit the 7 month mark and am starting to feel uncomfortable and tired more but am still okay to work. I plan on working as long as I can. The doctor said she will probably be a big baby, so we are definitely going to induce early. I can't handle another 9 pound baby. LOL

Overall we are doing pretty well, and are mostly happy. We just have a lot of waiting going on.

Jackson loves laying on the floor with daddy

This was our little trooper while travelling.