Friday, June 24, 2011

Its summer!

Happy Summer everyone. I am excited but not excited at the same time for summer to be here. My children love being outside and this is Richards first summer with us so I am thrilled to make memories but because our air conditioner is on the fritz and doesn't make it any cooler than 82 degrees in my house I am not thrilled for the summer.

In May we took Madison for her 4 month appointment. She weighed 16lbs 4 oz and was 26 inches long. Still my big girl. She is in the 75% across the board. We can't get enough of her. Even Jackson adores her. They have a bond that I will never understand. Jackson can get her to laugh harder than anyone and she instantly calms down if he comes near her. She absolutely loves him.

Madison's new accomplishments:
-she can say baa, daa and laa
-she still sleeps 10 hours a night
-she started cereal 3 weeks ago and carrots and sweet potatoes this week.
-she rolls all over the place
-she loves her walker
-she grabs for her toys
-she is starting so scoot
-she responds when you call her name
-she found her feet last week
-she is starting to push herself up on her hands
-she laughs
-she smiles

She is really a wonderful baby. I have been truly blessed with the children I have been allowed to raise.

Two weeks ago we went in for a recertification at WIC. Madison still weighed 16 lbs and Jackson is up to 40lbs. He is so big to me. He stands at 37 inches too. He is at the 90% across the board. We definitely need to get him into football as soon as possible. LOL

Jackson can do:
-he can count to 4
-he can identify any vehicle that he sees
-he loves building with his blocks
-his vocabulary is growing every day.
-he speaks in sentences
-he brushes his own teeth
-he can put on his own shoes
-he can dress himself
-he loves to run
-he would stay outside all day if we let him
-he loves to sing (and surprises us with how many songs he knows)
-he loves to help cook
-he tries to do the dishes
-he loves helping with sister
-he feeds himself (and recently has stopped making messes)

He is so smart and I look forward to where he goes in life. I see him doing big things. He is a wonderful big brother.

Richard started working at the Olive Garden again. We really needed it. I am anxious to pay off bills and finally get caught up but will miss all of the time we got to spend with each other. Mom also got a job so that means no more nanny for us. Richard and I will be working opposite schedules so we won't be seeing much of each other. Only 3 more years of this.

This post has gone on for a long time so I will stop now. Until next time.