Saturday, June 2, 2012

And then there were 5!!!

YAY!! On May 18th, I was feeling a little funny and by my calculations I was 5 days late so just for fun, we went to the store and got some tests. TA DA, those little puppies turned positive before I even flushed the toilet. I couldn't believe it, we had only been trying for a month. Since General Conference weekend to be exact. If you remember my post from a few months ago voicing my frustrations, well I had a chat with both my mom and richard and found it was all a misunderstanding really. I then used General Conference weekend to sort some things out and pray and listen for answers. Well, I got them and was able to share with Richard the overwhelming spirit I felt about having more babies and we decided it would be a good thing. Little did we know that Heavenly Father already knew and made it happen a lot faster than we expected but we couldn't be happier. Jackson wants a brodder some days and a sis some other days so who knows. Of course Madison doesn't really get it so this should be fun. Holy goodness, we are going to have 3 kids!!!!


Memorial Day Weekend

We were lucky enough to have the whole weekend off due to our quickness of requesting it off like 3 months ago. We definitely enjoyed our weekend. To start things off we went to Heber City and rode the railroad and visited with Thomas the Tank engine. Jackson just had a blast. More pics to come of that. Monday we went up to Jolleys Ranch in Hobble Creek and had a BBQ with some friends April and Joe Clark. We really like hanging out with them. WE had an abundance of food and found a perfect little spot with shade and sun to enjoy. They had a nice little creek that Madison fell in and of course screamed bloody murder and a neat playground for the kids. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, played baseball and football, blew bubbles, lit sparklers, ran around a lot and just had a wonderful time. I truly enjoy these little outings we have and hope that the kids remember the fun times that we have together.