Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have been reflecting on my life and trying to think positive thoughts. I was finding myself getting annoyed and short with Jackson and realized it was me not him. I am too stressed. I stretch myself too thin these days and I have decided that needs to stop and slow down. There are only 4 constants in my life-Richard, Jackson, Madison and my Heavenly Father. I need to focus on those 4 people and stop worrying about the petty stuff.

-a clean house doesn't matter if Jackson wants to play
-i can do laundry when the kids are sleeping
-making dinner should be a family affair, to build memories and love
-what others think or say about me or my family does not matter
-madison needs to know that mommy loves her
-jackson needs to know that mommy loves him
-richard needs my full support and attention when he requires it ( i admit he gets neglected more than anything)
-i need more me time
-money does not solve problems
-my job is my job, and my family is my family ( they shouldn't mix)

I am truly grateful to be a mother to the most wonderful children. They each have their own little personalities and it is so fun to watch them grow.

Madison just had her 2 month check up (even though she was 3 months old)

Weight 12lbs 1 oz (57%)
Length 24.5 inches (93%)
Head 15 inches (70%)

The doctor said she is doing wonderfully. She is my tall skinny girl. I love it, not sure where she got that from but love it. What she likes to do:
-she belly laughs
-she is constantly smiling
-she is most talkative right when she wakes up
-she loves to lay on the floor and play right along side Jackson
-she found her hands
-she knows mommies voice
-she doesn't like to be held face in, she wants to see the world
-she is scooting on her back
-she can grab her toys on her playmat and loves to put them in her mouth
-she puts herself to sleep
-she sleeps through the night for 10 hours at a time
-she takes only 1 long nap during the day and about 5 cat naps
-she eats about 30 oz of formula a day

We just love our little Maddie Bug.