Thursday, December 10, 2009

So its been a long time..

For starters we are back in Utah. We moved here in July. Richard didn't get here until almost October. We both work at the Olive Garden. I am working my way to become a manager and Richard is a server. He will be starting school next fall after we become residents and get everything financially set. Jackson is such a fun little boy. He will be 1 year old in just 8 days. He keeps us very busy. He hasn't started walking yet but he can move like there is no tomorrow. He is jabbering and trying real hard to say some words. We started a week ago, putting him in his crib to put himself to sleep, it only took a week and he is a pro at it now. It is very comforting that he can do that by himself. Now Richard and I can get back to our relationship. Jackson loves going outside, sadly I just don't do it enough with him. He is such a joy to have in our home. Makes it all worth while, as I am sure all you parents agree.

We are doing well. Not alot goes on in the Dalton household. Just working and playing with Jackson. Some may say we are pretty boring but we enjoy it.

Family Pictures 2009

Our friend Paul took these for us and I absolutely love them. This was our first professional family shoot. I hope to make it a annual thing. It was fun for us, even though it was cold and windy, we still had a blast.