Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jackson's is 5!

December 18 is a special day to this little boy. It is his day and he gets to do whatever he wants. He chose spiderman/super heroes as his theme. Since we were short on cash, I decided to decorate the cake myself. Not bad for my first time. 

I decided to do something different this year. We decorated the night before so it was a nice surprise for him. He woke up, saw the decorations and came running to my room. "mom, it's my birthday!!"

I wanted to play some games but completely forgot to buy any so I quickly made this Captain America shield and we played pin-the-star-on-the-shield. It was a hit and Jackson got it smack dab in the middle. He loved the game. I was proud of myself. hehe

Here's the birthday boy. He scored some legos and some Iron Man figurines. He loved his day and was felt so special. 

Jackson has grown into this sensitive, caring little man. He is very curious and is constantly asking questions.  He is always playing with some sort of blocks/legos and building these incredible buildings, or planes, or cars or boats. All of his builds are symmetrical and so detailed. I wouldn't be surprised if he went into a field with those expertise someday. He is my big helper. He is trying so hard to learn his alphabet and numbers. He won't be in kindergarten until the fall so I pray we get them by then. His siblings love him and look up to him. Madison does EVERYTHING he does. The babies laugh at him and want to be wherever he is. I can't imagine how devastated they will be when he starts school. I am so lucky he chose me to be his mommy.  

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