Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was the best we have had so far. It started on Christmas Eve. Uncle Kirk came over and Daddy got off work about the same time. We had pork chops and cheesy potatoes for dinner. YUM! Around 7 we all gathered in the living room. I had prepared a little spiritual thought so we would remember the real reason for christmas. I read the story of Christs birth with pictures. Of course I cried almost immediately. We had a little discussion about what I read. It was perfect. Jackson was really in tune and it was just what was needed for Richard. I need to be a better christlike example for him. It was my most favorite part of Christmas. After that we let the kids open a present from Geica. It was pajamas and a movie. They changed into their new jammies and we put in Monsters University to watch. Very cute movie. Put the babies to bed and the older kids fell asleep during the movie. 

It was time for presents. We gathered all the gifts and placed them under the tree. Normally us adults will play games and just relax the rest of the evening. No games here. We literally sat on the couches until about 2AM talking and laughing. It was nice to have that adult conversation and talk about politics, the world, the gospel and our trials. It was really nice to have that connection. We finally all went to bed knowing the kids would wake us up around 730. 

Sure enough we all got up around 830. It was present time. I always have this idea in my head that we will each open a gift and it would be a long process. Nope, the kids get anxious and we end up just tearing them open. Maybe next year. :)

The kids scored on gifts. Secret Santa showed up at our house on the friday before Christmas, so needless to say they got a lot more than we could get them. Madison got enough clothes and Minnie Mouse merchandise to last for a while. Jackson got enough boy toys and a scooter, that he was a happy boy. They babies got their own toys finally. Mom got us a waffle maker, which made Richard very happy. We didn't get her anything, which she swears she didn't want but it still makes me sad. Overall it was a gift collection that exceeded my expectations so I was happy. 

We had a nice breakfast and then it was time for naps. Richard watched basketball and we just played with the kids new toys. Since Christmas day is also Richards birthday, we eat what he wants for dinner. This year he chose corned beef hash. I look forward to the day I can make him a steak and potatoes. Something fancy. :)

The rest of the day was just spent with each other. I absolutely love Christmas. 

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