Thursday, February 13, 2014

Twins turn 1!!!

Their birthday ended up being a 2 day celebration. We started out on their actual birthday going to Denney's for breakfast. They wore these cute birthday pins. 

From there we went to Build-a-Bear. It is our family tradition to take them on their 1st birthday to get a stuffed animal. We found these cute twin bears so of course had to get them. It was fun for Madison and Jackson to be a part of this process. 

We spent the rest of the night at home. Daddy went to school and we stayed in. Logan had croup so we rescheduled to the next night. 

Tuesday the 7th we had dinner and then the cake smash. 

They did so good. It took a good minute before they actually dove in but then it was awesome. Savannah thought the best place for her cake was her hair. Logan just loved it all over his face. They were enjoying themselves. The next day was not fun. Logan had a reaction to the frosting and they were just irritable babies due to the sugar overload. We learned our lesson. 

Logan is such a ham. He is cruising all over the furniture and taking steps here and there. He is our little mess maker. He can empty every cupboard in the kitchen in the time it takes me to wash my hands. He is very snuggly. He'll give us a hug and even pat us on the back. He loves his siblings. He is always laughing at Madison. He is very curious and once he figures something out he won't leave it alone. He figured out how to work the T.V and XBOX. He loves changing the channels and messing around with the computer. He gets mad if we don't let him use our phones. He loves to dance. Him and Savannah both will stop what they are doing if they hear music and start moving. He has 8 teeth with 2 more coming in. He says momma. He loves climbing from his crib to Savannah's. He is just a little spit fire and I look forward to him growing more. 

Savannah is definitely a sensitive soul. She hates loud noises. She will cry when I scold her as well as her siblings. She is curious too but isn't quite tall enough to really reach anything. It's really cute when you see her little fingers trying to touch something. She is starting to cruise. She is the best sleeper. She can stack blocks. She loves to play with Madison's dolls. She is perfectly content with playing by herself. She too can empty the kitchen. They usually do it together. She has 4 teeth with 4 coming in. Poor girl. She is very smart. She observes and then will mimic you. He is a mommas girl more than any of the other kids. He has this cry that just pierces your ears that you want to cry yourself. She is growing so fast. I expect her to be up to speed with Logan soon. 

I still can't believe the Lord thought it a good idea to give me twins. But he did and I will try my hardest to be a good mother. 

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